One day, a grilled classic, and then remake Angie Chiu elegant, Joey Wong style, Liu Tao sedate atmosphere, who is the best white lady in your heart?

ring mestic drama,
the remake has been endless.
Some time ago,
the network has been passed,
The Legend Of White Snake to be remade,
and now has been a foregone conclusion,
posters are out.
I feel that the poster is very similar to the cover of some ancient words.
everybody cares most about the actor.
After all,
there are too many people in the white lady.
She is Angie Chius version of the classic,
although now the people inside and sing a bit awkward,
but everyone at the mouth will sing a who is in the ear.
Angie Chiu plays the White Snake really can be charming atmosphere,
with Xu Xian together it is very charming when down Xiaoqing together will break down the lower atmosphere mature water overflows golden hill this edition of Angie Chiu to play the White Snake both malicious fierce,
and the heart of Buddha,
the most important thing is beautiful ah ~ now is old,
but that time really is not for xian.
This version of the white lady is also the memory of the vast majority of people,
the bra