ring ,
grace has always been touted by girls.
But with the increasingly strong interest in fashion,
fashion week is no shortage of fashion editors,
buyers and fashion will come to Master collocation Street elements personality and innovation,
to create an elegant and relaxed fashion style.
To get these fashionable strokes! Deep-V silk dress,
slip dress,
Kate Moss in the last century,
90s will be the first to wear it as a cocktail dress,
to attend public events,
inspire the Waichuan innovative thinking.
it is in a more relaxed way to appear in the fashion of the people.
Relaxation and concentration quietly become the norm of womens inner fashion.
Luxury and elegant casual clothes are the perfect interpretation.
Balenciaga2016 spring and summer show,
designer Alexander Wang with uniform cotton,
silk and linen material to create comfortable pajamas like lazy slip dress or sling bras,
visual to a feeling of zero.
Balenciaga 2016 spring and summer series and the show in the C e line Phoebe Ph