Flowers into the Haixun

ring  in 5 and June,
it is lavender bloom when the sea ~ who said to see the purple flower fields must go to Provence,
in fact,
in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai,
large and small lavender manor there are many.
This year more than a few new plants garden,
and those old Lavender park also has a new change in ~ lavender bloom,
in the way the inventory of several lavender garden,
pick a recently,
go! Zhejiang No.
1 Vanilla Garden in Yuhang flowering for nearly half a year,
more abundant activities.
As it is very close to Hangzhou,
Yuhang herb garden is famous among the people of Hangzhou.
As you go,
walk through a wooden door on the base,
and then walk to the mountains on the hill,
where French lavender is imported from Provence,
along with lavender and willow verbena.
Compared to the past,
this year added a lot of lavender varieties,
such as British lavender,
four seasons lavender and willow verbena.
The former is the same as in Xinjiang and Yili.
It is different from the leaves of French lavender.
The he