Chinese female students lost the night run, police found the battered woman yesterday

ring printed from France Chinese report yesterday,
the local police in eastern Germany Dessau Ross work area (Isaacson Anhalt) rescue a lost China out running female students union,
a woman whose body was found near their homes.
The body lay bare in the bushes,
with traces of violence.
Photograph: German voice,
around 20:30 p.
on May 11th,
Li Yangjie,
goes out for long-distance races in accordance with common habits.
Neighbors say Li Yangjie usually pays great attention to maintaining good health through exercise.
But after she did not return home on Wednesday night,
neighbors began to worry about her personal safety and called the police on Thursday.
Police found a womans body in a bush in Li Yangjies place Friday morning,
according to the voice of germany.
German central television quoted unconfirmed news reports that the woman was found naked,
with apparent traces of violence.
The residence of Li Yangjie Isaacson of Anhalt police spokesman Moritz (Ralf Moritz) confirmed to the voice of Ge