800 km walk on the road of pilgrimage to Jacob (next)

ring ena YOYOER pilgrim passport pilgrims on the road will be carrying a Pilgrim passport Credencial del Peregrino,
which will explain the place of departure,
the pilgrims name,
passport number,
address and pilgrimage way.
This passport is about 2-5 euros.
It can be purchased at churches,
hotels and other places along the way.
You can book it online in advance.
Pilgrims passport Credencial del Peregrino,
who holds a pilgrimage passport,
can obtain low price or even free accommodation at all accommodation points along the entire St.
James road.
The pilgrims every church,
the town hall,
or at the point of accommodation,
will receive a James road certified official stamp.
These small stamps not only record the pilgrims along the dock accommodation,
dining at each place,
but also the Santiago pilgrim Management Committee on exactly every pilgrim document whether along official pilgrimage walked the whole of the.
A covered Passport Stamp,
is a necessary condition in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral f