Talk less dreams, talk more about money

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Spenser column figure brand creative workplace talk about todays case is secular,
very material,
but the very positive visit.
Just after the end of a series of Billions (Chinese translation,
there is a hundreds of millions) is very interesting in the plot,
the male Bobby Axelrod is a hedge fund for financial wealth,
because some of the 9.
11 stock short time and media exposure,
the public think that he sent the national wealth,
the public very angry every day,
in Axelrod,
outside shouting slogans in protest.
It rained that day,
and the demonstrators didnt pick up the bus.
Axelrod called several luxury Limo,
and the crowd got into the advanced Limo home.
Its too interesting,
too ironic.
The so-called slogan,
the so-called justice,
in fact,
in most cases,
is no match for bread.
Thats normal,
Maslow principle.
To tell the truth,
I am now,
for the dream,
initial heart,
and some disgusted.
And more want to listen to the sound of capital,
commercial logic,
profitable way.
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