Tomorrow we eat beans

th spring like summer,
color show JAC million Muyin.
It marks the solar term,
spring is gone,
the coming of yanshu.
In ancient times,
emperors would rate Wenwubaiguan summer harvest ceremony held on the expression of prayer.
In the folk,
people in this day of early adopters of the customs,
and in many early adopters of the ingredients,
there is no doubt that the bean is one of the star.
In the past every day before the beginning of summer,
Jiangsu and Zhejiang children to discuss neighborhood with a bowl of rice,
bamboo shoots,
boiled amaranth summer meal,
meaning a bumper grain harvest.
It is blown flower trails,
a cup of plum bean.
Late spring and early summer,
broad bean flowers,
with a thick and full pods,
the tender for this broad bean.
As the beginning of the solar