The red plug as long after opening the door and knock slapping sister-in-law

s always been the peak of marriage.
Men and women seize the rare holidays and return to their hometown to accomplish their great tasks in life.
in Hubei Jingzhou Shashi,
but such a wonderful wedding to the bride's family story - brother-in-law jieqin,
knocking at the door for a long time when Caton anger,
to open the door after the irrepressible anger,
in front of the bridesmaid sister-in-law dumped two.
A sweet wedding turned into a farce.
the public,
is a witness to the wedding and the groom's aunt.
On the afternoon of May 1st,
Zhang accompanied the bridegroom Mr.
Zhang to the bride's home.
Zhang introduced the whole process fairly smoothly,
until into the bedroom door when the bride,
bridesmaid bride sister has closed the door,
do good words,
throw red,