The most terrible thing about WeChat chat is the recommendation

the most terrible is not to respond to information delay,
not inexplicably pulled black,
not shielding the circle of friends,
but rather.
If you have the correct handshaken,
WeChat was sent to the wrong person,
you must know that the chagrin,
that that confound,
too late to regret it with deep hatred and resentment.
You are likely to talk to several people at the same time.
Just a little,
and there will be ten thousand terrors waiting for you.
you want to Tucao someone,
the subconscious will lead you to that person's dialog box,
so that you accurately curse who will be issued to whom.
Although WeChat has a withdrawal function,
the regret medicine is only available within two minutes.
And how can you guarantee that the other party didn't see it before it w