Sudden Hangzhou Xiaoshan SUV was brutally rolling truck, fortunately, a miracle happened

Zhejiang emergency broadcast FM93 voice traffic to fans broke the news: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Sanyi line of serious accident,
a Harvard SUV were trucks rolling! Video too scary! Verified by the reporter: the accident occurred in the District of Xiaoshan Sanyi line Yinong town Zhongli village near the intersection,
off-road car drivers and passengers two were not life-threatening! After preliminary investigation,
this morning at 6:23 PM,
Jiang Mou (male,
37 years old) driving a large truck Anhui D plate,
along the Sanyi line traveling from east to west section of the incident,
and traveling from north to south by Panmou (female,
48 years old) small passenger Su A plate driving collision by a large truck driver Jiangmou injured,
small bus driver and passengers Shumou Panmo