Structural opportunities emerge May trader strategy

stant small Hello,
long time no see,
today a news assistant,
exposing teacher [April trading strategy] in the 1 day of May is optional leading liquor,
early once the impact of trading,
closing up 9%,
and the trading strategy [March],
exposing the teacher self leading liquor Kweichow Moutai.
The cumulative increase of 15%,
far outperforming the broader market! As can be seen,
exposing teachers at least two months ahead of the layout of the liquor sector,
far more recently into the liquor stock institutions.
Now there is a harvest,
is the natural gift market returns,
congratulations to all of you join the trading strategy of you.
For example,
following the reader is very excited: in May,
a number of private equity that the A shares will have structural opportunities,
small assistant also rec