It's time to run light assets

: Chinese and foreign management for a long time,
many enterprises Chinese of heavy asset expansion,
the stem is actually head disc -- a thankless task.
If you can learn to outsource,
the days of your business may be better than keeping a pile of factory buildings.
Text / reporter Zhu Dong editor / Zhu Li has a story: it is in a party,
everyone began to satiated Entertainment: a sword dance,
poetry and poetry,
if not also guess a prohibition.
There is a break in a brute strength,
what will not.
It was his turn,
and he said,
I'll give you a millstone.
He walked into the yard,
put hundreds of pounds of stone removed,
at the top of the head.
Although it took a lot of effort,
what's the good thing about it? There is a phrase: the head of Pan - a thankless task.
In recent years,
many Chine