[investment banking] average income of up to 50 over the years, set again to usher in an opportunity to layout

the fixed increase in stock every year to achieve a positive average income,
and 8 years on average,
the annual earnings of up to 50%.
Fixed by dazzling earnings data,
the probability of ultra high yield support behind? On the grid,
financial management will be discussed in this article,
decided to increase the income of the three key points.
The private placement of stock average revenue source: WIND financial research center on the grid: the increase in the stock of fixed discount income lower than the market,
so that investors have relatively low price advantage will increase the discount can be understood as set by the lock up period (usually a year) low liquidity compensation.
On the grid financial statistics,
2006-2015 years,
1135 companies listed by the auction,
the average d