In the morning, two men and two women carpool, male passengers suddenly wrong, also slapped the girl

e morning of April 29th this year,
Hangzhou Xixi police station received excellent step,
the driver master Wang alarm,
said he had a passenger on the car fighting,
and for safety reasons,
he has pulled over,
please police rushed past disposal.
The site of the incident in all the way and staff Road intersection,
police rushed to the scene,
but only one driver wang.
According to master Wang said,
when he had two car drivers carpool,
2 men and 2 women,
are from the dawn of the road bar bar at the entrance of the car.
On the bus,
two girls and a boy in the back of the start wrong,
Master Wang ear scraped to a man,
saying I love you and so on,
all have the meaning of the girl and others,
the woman ignored him.
After a while,
the two girls played with the man in his seat,
pulling his hair and