The most terrible thing about WeChat chat is the recommendation

the most terrible is not to respond to information delay,
not inexplicably pulled black,
not shielding the circle of friends,
but rather.
If you have the correct handshaken,
WeChat was sent to the wrong person,
you must know that the chagrin,
that that confound,
too late to regret it with deep hatred and resentment.
You are likely to talk to several people at the same time.
Just a little,
and there will be ten thousand terrors waiting for you.
you want to Tucao someone,
the subconscious will lead you to that person's dialog box,
so that you accurately curse who will be issued to whom.
Although WeChat has a withdrawal function,
the regret medicine is only available within two minutes.
And how can you guarantee that the other party didn't see it before it w

Mom, I want to have a better relationship with you

robably a mother daughter relationship that used to break free in the first half of life,
and later to repair it.
So my mother and I never had a good relationship.
When I was a child,
I thought she was too strong,
and didn't like her usual habit of giving orders.
She didn't like her backward style of stick education.
She felt that she interfered too much with her life.
So very rebellious,
has been holding against the simple belief: I want to stay away from her.
When I was in junior high school,
I deliberately ran to school far away from home,
and on the pretext of good learning atmosphere,
I really didn't want to stay at home.
On the first day of school,
my mother sent me to the dormitory,
when new roommates in the face of my little finger,
I thin skinned not willing to her too much,

Tomorrow we eat beans

th spring like summer,
color show JAC million Muyin.
It marks the solar term,
spring is gone,
the coming of yanshu.
In ancient times,
emperors would rate Wenwubaiguan summer harvest ceremony held on the expression of prayer.
In the folk,
people in this day of early adopters of the customs,
and in many early adopters of the ingredients,
there is no doubt that the bean is one of the star.
In the past every day before the beginning of summer,
Jiangsu and Zhejiang children to discuss neighborhood with a bowl of rice,
bamboo shoots,
boiled amaranth summer meal,
meaning a bumper grain harvest.
It is blown flower trails,
a cup of plum bean.
Late spring and early summer,
broad bean flowers,
with a thick and full pods,
the tender for this broad bean.
As the beginning of the solar

[morning post] foreign media brain hole Apple should buy Tesla musk served as the total CEO

WeChat paid general manager Wu Yi left the original WeChat products division deputy general manager Zhang Ying as the May 4th afternoon news,
WeChat today announced the payment Tencent general manager Wu Yi for personal reasons to leave the original WeChat products division deputy general manager Zhang Ying has been appointed as the new general manager of WeChat payment.
According to public information,
Wu Yi served as Tencent caifutong product director,
with team WeChat to pay,
then pay WeChat declared independence,
Wu Yi also took a part of caifutong team members to join WeChat,
pay during the former WeChat red head of development at WeChat.
(Sina) Wei Zexi event continues the guardian Emergency Planning Commission specification: halt cell immunotherapy clinical application in May 4th

4 time management mistakes make you live less than others for half a lifetime

veryone tries desperately to make the best of their time.
How can dozens of emails be handled efficiently? How do you finish your work while you are having a meeting all day? The task list is constantly overstock.
When will it be finished? Oh,
my God! To make matters worse,
a lot of wrong ideas leave us with no idea what time management is and how it works.
Here are some of the best known time management advice,
right? One point of view: time management is management time,
the exact term is that time management is management efficiency.
Jordan Cohen is an expert on efficiency and the author of putting time on important work (Make Time for the Work That Matters).
The essence of time management is productivity,
he says.
The difference is like dieting and staying healthy.
You can go

[Dealmoon mother's day] mum doesn't like flashy things, so give her these when they're on sale

ay is coming.
Are you still worrying about what gifts to buy? Xiao Bian has arranged the most practical gifts from Mom and dad on Amazon and shared them with people who need gifts for their mothers.
Waterpik Aquarius professional water floss,
present price 9.
need to enter the purchase page,
click coupons.
Health is the happiest! Water floss sales champion! The health of the family is the most important,
so the health of the teeth can not be ignored.
It is known as the most advanced dental floss punch at present.
It has 7 nozzles,
including toothbrush head,
brush head,
periodontal bag,
nozzle and so on.
10 stage hydraulic pressure selection.
The base is provided with a switch,
and the holding part easily adjusts the water pressure,
and is equipped with a LED display screen to

The 4 picture smiled for 5 days

read this,
please click on the blue font zero comedy video and click attention so that you can continue to receive the video free of charge.
Share every day.
It's a free subscription.
Please feel free to pay attention to it.
Only 5 years old,
but a monthly salary of 8 thousand,
to feed a family of four! When the second child is open,
the boss's Day is better than the day.
This year,
the new year dumplings,
chop stuffing,
simply hide not to drop.
Chop after stuffing,
have chicken,
fill the body to the mother and child.
This hair pulled posture is quite professional,
completely pulled out my mother's demeanour that year! Help father embroidered cushions.
The insole embroidered my grandmother's feelings.
No more.
It's tears.
I have to wash my diaper for the second It's fun.
Don't sa

Structural opportunities emerge May trader strategy

stant small Hello,
long time no see,
today a news assistant,
exposing teacher [April trading strategy] in the 1 day of May is optional leading liquor,
early once the impact of trading,
closing up 9%,
and the trading strategy [March],
exposing the teacher self leading liquor Kweichow Moutai.
The cumulative increase of 15%,
far outperforming the broader market! As can be seen,
exposing teachers at least two months ahead of the layout of the liquor sector,
far more recently into the liquor stock institutions.
Now there is a harvest,
is the natural gift market returns,
congratulations to all of you join the trading strategy of you.
For example,
following the reader is very excited: in May,
a number of private equity that the A shares will have structural opportunities,
small assistant also rec

In May 5th the core reference (with shares)

he top opening can pay attention to my opening jiemuzhe518 covering A shares the most mainstream investors,
to provide exclusive daily headlines,
billboard and secret trading analysis! Dry cargo,
dirt more! One hundred million Chinese investors must read the free investment information before opening! How could you miss it?.
Good news: the official unveiling of the certification service number Unveiling hailun officially opened,
please pay attention at the same time (only Id jiemucaopan) unveiled hailun search unveiled the trader pay attention to business cooperation QQ:2997507325 I do not recommend any stocks,
do not charge membership,
never with any person any interest exclusive finishing important information source of network reference not as a trading basis: Gaga food will improve

He had big pot of gold pushed some success JDB one year after the preview come true we will now hear the whole story about him

year ago rhetoric launched JDB pot of gold will be a success,
a year after the prediction came true,
behind this Chinese enterprise upgrading strategy and perfect case story and consider how? In order to meet the needs of the majority of users to explore and thinking process to jiaduobao ups and development,
the general manager,
Trout Chinese JDB annual strategic consultant company Mr.
Deng Delong in April 20th last year,
jiaduobao pot of gold in April 20th this year and the launch of jiaduobao pot of gold celebration 1st Anniversary speech finishing assembly.
If Mr Deng Delong's speech two times compared to see video,
the business seems to have a more general revelation: the power of the mind is like a customer,
enterprise growth is thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers,
from po

[must read] low education, higher education will make money, the answer is shocked, look!

above the Tencent finance,
experience more exciting content: I hope every reading this article,
can legitimately on anti intellectualism say next: useless what,
when our self deprecating talk,
you don't take it seriously.
someone ask: some of my uncle is a pig to sell pork,
have made a fortune,
in recent years the family built a house,
bought a Mercedes Audi BMW,
worth tens of millions.
Every year the new year home is back,
Even now relatively poor uncle,
selling shampoo for 10 years,
and now also millions of net worth.
Their cultural level is not high,
most of them are from primary school to junior high school.
In contrast,
many cousins in famous universities (211 and 985) graduation,
but only monthly salary of normal wages,
five thousand to ten thousand monthly salary,

It's time to run light assets

: Chinese and foreign management for a long time,
many enterprises Chinese of heavy asset expansion,
the stem is actually head disc -- a thankless task.
If you can learn to outsource,
the days of your business may be better than keeping a pile of factory buildings.
Text / reporter Zhu Dong editor / Zhu Li has a story: it is in a party,
everyone began to satiated Entertainment: a sword dance,
poetry and poetry,
if not also guess a prohibition.
There is a break in a brute strength,
what will not.
It was his turn,
and he said,
I'll give you a millstone.
He walked into the yard,
put hundreds of pounds of stone removed,
at the top of the head.
Although it took a lot of effort,
what's the good thing about it? There is a phrase: the head of Pan - a thankless task.
In recent years,
many Chine

It has been the pinnacle of apple in China this year, revenue will decline 15, geeks know early

micro signal: geekpark geek headlines: really high peak has passed? Apple's revenue in China will fall by 15% this year! Source: Sina Technology day ago,
in view of the intelligent mobile phone market are facing difficulties in China,
the U.
investment bank Sterne Agee CRT expects Apple's 2016 fiscal year from the Chinese revenue fell 15%,
while Apple had released 2016 second quarter earnings report shows that revenue dropped 26% from the Chinese.
Comparatively speaking,
from 2011 to 2015,
43% of Apple's overall growth came from the contribution of the Chinese market.
The sharp increase in 2015 made apple's market share in China grow by 4 percentage points.
Sterne Agee CRT analyst Sheila believes that Apple eroded the Samsung market share,
because Samsung's market share fell 6 percentage

Good faith fried dough sticks brother do not eat their own, never sell other people, those who sell aluminum buns people how to see?

the media reported that Shaanxi Xianyang Baozipu boss for a soup buns fluffy selling a good friend,
was added in the flour containing baking powder,
steamed out aluminum buns for sale,
and excessive intake of aluminum elements,
will produce great damage to human bones and nervous system.
Compared to selling aluminum buns soup,
Hebei Baoding fried dough sticks brother Liu Hongan said,
they do not eat,
definitely not sold to others.
Four years ago,
like brother Liu Hongan Deep-Fried Dough Sticks by Deep-Fried Dough Sticks fried two times without oil commitment,
attracted every customer queuing,
to buy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks,
basically rely on grab,
he has three shops and a bakery for breakfast.
With a spoonful of good oil,
Liu Hongan received many honors.
At eight a.

[investment banking] average income of up to 50 over the years, set again to usher in an opportunity to layout

the fixed increase in stock every year to achieve a positive average income,
and 8 years on average,
the annual earnings of up to 50%.
Fixed by dazzling earnings data,
the probability of ultra high yield support behind? On the grid,
financial management will be discussed in this article,
decided to increase the income of the three key points.
The private placement of stock average revenue source: WIND financial research center on the grid: the increase in the stock of fixed discount income lower than the market,
so that investors have relatively low price advantage will increase the discount can be understood as set by the lock up period (usually a year) low liquidity compensation.
On the grid financial statistics,
2006-2015 years,
1135 companies listed by the auction,
the average d

Tutu wears a skirt like this

lothes to see,
you know,
sister is a very open person,
where are the beauties? Sister,
how much do you pay a day? You dare to use it properly.
The microwave heat durian blow cattle can,
as long as it is not in violation of advertising law heard in crooked sister paper are wearing this skirt feel good,
please like down down down

Who's your mother asking you to come home for dinner?

o go home and see mom in May 8th! What is a mother? Meng Jiao said: the mother line,
wandering clothing.
Golgi said,
all the glory and pride in the world comes from mother.
Dante said,
there is one of the most beautiful voices in the world,
and that is the call of mother.
I said,
my mother sees me as everything,
but me.
Here's the ad.
You can skip it,
but please don't skip your mother.
Mother's Day special offer two items wind brother organic rice,
let mother healthy! Yang Huaimi of Qinling Mountains,
the mother of the wild forest,
gave mother a sweet honey! Taobao search brother honey,
wind elder brother organic rice can choose exquisite gift for mother.
Click below to read the text and have it directly!

Why doesn't the game woman wear it?

own explanation.
In order to make the game.
The women smooth meat,
game makers had almost exhausted -- well,
here is the young people under the age of 18 can legally buy the game.
But how many game makers to give an account of the audit department and the media,
so the reason for streaking out all sorts of strange things.
A 5 in the Quiet alloy equipment: how bare metal gear 5 the story takes place in 1984,
if you do research on old movies,
80s hero tied in the head,
the biceps than Quiet body cloth cloth.
The official explanation: concentrating on the Quiet character set work design Hideo Kojima claims that the pink of perfection her costume design,
black people are his sperm on the brain! We see him released on Twitter - Heroic utterance  if she why so exposed,
you h

The red plug as long after opening the door and knock slapping sister-in-law

s always been the peak of marriage.
Men and women seize the rare holidays and return to their hometown to accomplish their great tasks in life.
in Hubei Jingzhou Shashi,
but such a wonderful wedding to the bride's family story - brother-in-law jieqin,
knocking at the door for a long time when Caton anger,
to open the door after the irrepressible anger,
in front of the bridesmaid sister-in-law dumped two.
A sweet wedding turned into a farce.
the public,
is a witness to the wedding and the groom's aunt.
On the afternoon of May 1st,
Zhang accompanied the bridegroom Mr.
Zhang to the bride's home.
Zhang introduced the whole process fairly smoothly,
until into the bedroom door when the bride,
bridesmaid bride sister has closed the door,
do good words,
throw red,

In the morning, two men and two women carpool, male passengers suddenly wrong, also slapped the girl

e morning of April 29th this year,
Hangzhou Xixi police station received excellent step,
the driver master Wang alarm,
said he had a passenger on the car fighting,
and for safety reasons,
he has pulled over,
please police rushed past disposal.
The site of the incident in all the way and staff Road intersection,
police rushed to the scene,
but only one driver wang.
According to master Wang said,
when he had two car drivers carpool,
2 men and 2 women,
are from the dawn of the road bar bar at the entrance of the car.
On the bus,
two girls and a boy in the back of the start wrong,
Master Wang ear scraped to a man,
saying I love you and so on,
all have the meaning of the girl and others,
the woman ignored him.
After a while,
the two girls played with the man in his seat,
pulling his hair and

Sudden Hangzhou Xiaoshan SUV was brutally rolling truck, fortunately, a miracle happened

Zhejiang emergency broadcast FM93 voice traffic to fans broke the news: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Sanyi line of serious accident,
a Harvard SUV were trucks rolling! Video too scary! Verified by the reporter: the accident occurred in the District of Xiaoshan Sanyi line Yinong town Zhongli village near the intersection,
off-road car drivers and passengers two were not life-threatening! After preliminary investigation,
this morning at 6:23 PM,
Jiang Mou (male,
37 years old) driving a large truck Anhui D plate,
along the Sanyi line traveling from east to west section of the incident,
and traveling from north to south by Panmou (female,
48 years old) small passenger Su A plate driving collision by a large truck driver Jiangmou injured,
small bus driver and passengers Shumou Panmo