Yi Xi smelt one thousand children become uremia after surgery into Harlem Yu Lee Min Ho Department of Putian has been out of hand to the entire entertainment

the photo is easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi that fraudulent liar set off a small storm in micro-blog.
The cause is a liar in the liberation of Hengyang along the roadside for help,
sharp eyed netizens spotted,
then sent to the internet.
Have to say,
the cheater's IQ is estimated to starve to death.
Usually the roadside begging from dawn to dusk doesn't have time to watch TV even,
how should choose a not so red.
Walk through the passing of so many friends,
can not recognize it is better,
if it was exposed on the spot? What about real love powder? I'm afraid it's not so easy to put on the internet! So,
come to see some entertainment news,
although it is illustrated,
but sad see tears,
but others have a gorgeous,
how could reduced to begging for survival.
easy to smelt on