What's your 20 reason for travel?

no time,
no company.
Are you still looking for a reason to mop up your travel plan? How long have you been traveling? The tedious life is temporarily put aside,
give yourself a courage,
give yourself a belief,
say go.
enjoy the journey of the whole process,
from the ticket to the end of the journey,
which all make people intoxicated,
when the city's cumbersome to make you impatient,
do not hesitate to move into the distance,
perhaps will suddenly see the light.
to see the moon abroad,
looking at the moon in the home,
whether it can understand the significance of home? 4.
in a fun,
birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers everywhere in the town,
the town's quiet and peaceful,
impetuous heart quiet? 5.
go to Africa to feel feverish and powerful,
look at the animals that are n