Twenty-two years, legendary life cast the first person of ancient and modern

Garnett chose to continue playing this he has 21 years of fighting game,
the next season at the age of 40 he will usher in his twenty-second season.
He is on the pitch,
directed his teammates opponents head impact with chatter without stop,
a hammer,
a chest,
paranoid longing for victory,
High ball,
left and right shoulder shake,
turn over jump shot,
ball into.
21 years ago,
Garnett used the turnaround jumper in the long Lin alliance redefined the inside of the offensive way; 21 years later,
Garnett still use this turnaround jumper in three minutes if the rain let people aftertaste alliance CIC's graceful beauty.
black elbow,
trash talk,
true man.
Love him,
hate him,
love him real man,
hate him a dirty vulgar man.
Whether you