These things fresh memories of the star do you remember a few.

a lot of childhood memories and gives a glimpse of the beautiful child hastily disappeared,
they are also gradually grew up,
the current situation is more surprise.
I wonder if these guys from COCO have moved you? No.
1 Li Rui - Ding Kaile,
this is really one of the childhood male gods,
when I was a child,
I thought I would have such a good-looking boy,
and learning good and sensible,
is ideal for childhood.
This looks very delicate facial features ah,
how to see how good the rhythm ah,
COCO was once thought he had grown into a Yang Yang style,
because looks are very decent looking that hang.
At the age of 25,
he studied at the University of Sheffield in the UK,
many people have been met in the library.
Now we can not say long residual,
it is a standard straight facial appearance,
very to