The public offering of the fund and the profit was also forced Meng ST audit that infront micro financial fraud 000670

nd report: chinafundnews [WeChat] to the poor,
a mechanism was kept in stock,
these two days there has been a stampede of madness.
China fund report of listed companies infront micro storage Ze (000670) although the annual earnings,
January 30th results of letters,
the 15 year profit 2100W,
to match the 9 billion of its market value,
you can see the 16Q1 of the top ten shareholders is the basic mechanism.
But in April 27th,
the audit agency issued a disclaimer of opinion non-standard,
then becomes the second *ST infront,
April 29th,
company before the announcement,
then in accordance with the existing rules,
the suspension,
ST with cap.
a lot of institutions being kept in stock,
these two days there has been crazy stampede.
Although the annual total annual season will inev