The HAYA band, there's a prairie, farther than the distance

their music,
your body is like the earth,
the blood is like a river,
and the eyes are like the sky.
They follow from the voice of the soul between the tradition and the modern,
they caused widespread concern in the art world of unique ancient Mongolia folk dances,
long and modern interpretation of the original music.
HAYA expresses not only the understanding of modern Mongolia music,
but also the love of nature and the calling of the mind.
Tan Dun (Chinese composer and conductor) who is calling for the lost lamb left home away from the grassland where in I am a singer in the sky,
the flowers of different types of music.
The HAYA band is undoubtedly unique on this stage.
Used to listen to pop songs and artificial ears,
found that there was such a kind of music,
direct the s