Sorry, I can't wait for you

night and give you a warm bedtime dish.
Have you been waiting for someone? Stare at the time in the mobile phone,
bit by bit,
because the growth of time,
the other side has not arrived,
and inner anxiety.
If you are getting closer to your date,
your inner troubles will get you out of your mind.
You think,
waiting for someone is really the world's most annoying thing,
and next time will not wait for anyone.
This is the feeling you are waiting for when you are dating a friend.
But did you wait for someone in love? Miss Z is the first girl in her circle to catch up with puppy love bus.
She has her first boyfriend in the middle school where everyone doesn't know what love is.
At that time,
because of family events,
miss Z overnight from a girl into the students and parents in the eyes of the