Liu Tao's lob head is so hot and hot. Can summer be cool and greasy?

n first edition of the most popular female male,
click the title below the blue word about her published five beauties in a drama of the Ode to joy popular,
as Andy Liu Tao not only offensive momentum tankful,
the appearance of the lob head assembly is always west of her,
is to let the heat from time to time and return to the lob hairstyle.
Peak flow.
We play with her hair and lob interpretation and understanding,
she plays outside can be deduced from this hairstyle sweet and handsome.
So for such a temperament change,
and can modify facial hair,
not only brought Liu Tao know how to pose,
domestic and foreign actress is Bianzhuohuayang fashion show.
We use it to face the goddess Gianna Jun modified face Mizuhara Kiko fashion supermodel Bianzhuohuayang used it to find Gao Yuanyuan Liu Shi