It's called a kebab. You can only count toothpick meat

e to give you an egg cake,
red alert! Can you really is about to enter the eating skewers children roll on big season? Show you what real kebab is! The one we eat can only be called toothpick meat! Collect and distribute / string line children with beer to the Great Wall is not a true man,
no regrets! If you don't go to Xinjiang for a real roast,
you'll regret it! Anyway,
read the following content after just want to say a word: before the mutton string is free! Don't believe it? Don't be so sure,
look after you will agree with me ~ ~ authentic Roasted Mutton is a time-consuming work to do before grilling preparations are refining carbon.
Mixing carbon wood must be in the desert the growth of Populus wood for the best,
one is the wood of Populus euphratica is strong,
even fire and burn