AppleStore Jesus

that Jesus is not going to ask the man powder.
Wei Feng network,
Jesus in the days before Apple Store appeared,
but more difficult to believe that Jesus has been driven away.
The scene is in a Apple Store in Philadelphia,
a man with a long hair,
wearing a Jesus style gown,
I heard that the man is very famous in Philadelphia,
also known as the Philadelphia Jesus (Philly Jesus),
but the Jesus was eventually taken away.
Reported that the man,
29 years old this year,
originally known as Michael Grant,
because often in the local shuttle,
so he became the local net red.
Back in 2014,
he was planning to skate in Dilworth square with a full Jesus,
who had been arrested because he refused to leave.
As for why the Apple Store was expelled this time,
it is not clear,
but passers-by