A warm male brother is what kind of experience, let Sun Li Deng Chao's little sister to tell you

the top of the family can quickly pay attention to - Oh,
May 3rd,
floret sister ushered in the second birthday of life,
no doubt,
and on the hot search! Young had a birthday on the hot search,
may really envy ah ~ funny than Deng Chao's 35 year old birthday,
empress in a family of three in the photo in the micro-blog PO,
and announced the good news she was pregnant with second child for the first time,
we look forward to the new family model: 1+1=4.
This time the younger sister is still in the empress belly,
but as a domestic first-line big Sun Li,
Deng Chao's children,
destined to be too much attention.
In May 3rd of the same year,
little sister came to this world.
At 21:52 PM,
the Lady in micro-blog news: sister came.
Then everyone will know the nickname little sister,