[news] summer breakfast today

16 this summer,
you feel the breath of summer? Good morning ~  news NEWS news State Council will strike against infringement and counterfeiting before the office of the State Council issued the notice the 2016 national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods points,
clearly pointed out the influence on innovation and development,
impede fair competition and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers against infringement and counterfeiting crimes will be severely punished at.
Armed police responded to the Wei Zexi incident,
armed police said that the widespread attention of the Wei Zexi incident attaches great importance to,
has formed a working group stationed in The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force.
The leaders said,
will fully cooperate with t

AppleStore Jesus

that Jesus is not going to ask the man powder.
Wei Feng network,
Jesus in the days before Apple Store appeared,
but more difficult to believe that Jesus has been driven away.
The scene is in a Apple Store in Philadelphia,
a man with a long hair,
wearing a Jesus style gown,
I heard that the man is very famous in Philadelphia,
also known as the Philadelphia Jesus (Philly Jesus),
but the Jesus was eventually taken away.
Reported that the man,
29 years old this year,
originally known as Michael Grant,
because often in the local shuttle,
so he became the local net red.
Back in 2014,
he was planning to skate in Dilworth square with a full Jesus,
who had been arrested because he refused to leave.
As for why the Apple Store was expelled this time,
it is not clear,
but passers-by

These things fresh memories of the star do you remember a few.

a lot of childhood memories and gives a glimpse of the beautiful child hastily disappeared,
they are also gradually grew up,
the current situation is more surprise.
I wonder if these guys from COCO have moved you? No.
1 Li Rui - Ding Kaile,
this is really one of the childhood male gods,
when I was a child,
I thought I would have such a good-looking boy,
and learning good and sensible,
is ideal for childhood.
This looks very delicate facial features ah,
how to see how good the rhythm ah,
COCO was once thought he had grown into a Yang Yang style,
because looks are very decent looking that hang.
At the age of 25,
he studied at the University of Sheffield in the UK,
many people have been met in the library.
Now we can not say long residual,
it is a standard straight facial appearance,
very to

We lay in bed, a yellow gusts of thoracic cavity

s article is not written by Yu Bo himself.
It is my shameless face that has been taken by me as a pedal and wrote by my own red assistant.
She has been escorted to the roof.
My God,
why not pick s? I'm sorry to witness this unbearable all or I,
the innocent and lovely,
just don't thaw from cold face to the red female assistant.
I never thought that the rest of life but also a close watch to two days after the tongue UPS (hey feel where not right,
This is a fatal attraction to Fauvism,
they put the girl s unemployment from Taipei to get to Beijing,
shooting the named mother is young mother's Day theme films.
I think the world should not find second people more suited to the subject than her,
because wearing a purple scarf,
wearing orange pink suit s in the field is really

The show is brilliant, lemon yellow, blue, and Chanel classic black and white. It's a feast of youthful colors

South Korea,
Miami and other cities,
in May 3,
Chanel (Chanel) 2017 early spring vacation series conference came to the city of freedom - Cuba's capital Havana.
For the first time in Latin American countries,
Chanel (Chanel) in Havana (Paseo Del Prado) the Prado Avenue unveiled 2017 spring vacation series.
Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series conference held,
the Cuban capital Havana show before the opening,
Lafayette Carle Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) not only in the Cuban capital Factoria Habana Art Gallery held a Work in Progress Photography Exhibition for brand building,
but also exposed a group of Mica Arganaraz played by supermodel large preheating.
Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series conference invitation Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series

What's your 20 reason for travel?

no time,
no company.
Are you still looking for a reason to mop up your travel plan? How long have you been traveling? The tedious life is temporarily put aside,
give yourself a courage,
give yourself a belief,
say go.
enjoy the journey of the whole process,
from the ticket to the end of the journey,
which all make people intoxicated,
when the city's cumbersome to make you impatient,
do not hesitate to move into the distance,
perhaps will suddenly see the light.
to see the moon abroad,
looking at the moon in the home,
whether it can understand the significance of home? 4.
in a fun,
birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers everywhere in the town,
the town's quiet and peaceful,
impetuous heart quiet? 5.
go to Africa to feel feverish and powerful,
look at the animals that are n

It's called a kebab. You can only count toothpick meat

e to give you an egg cake,
red alert! Can you really is about to enter the eating skewers children roll on big season? Show you what real kebab is! The one we eat can only be called toothpick meat! Collect and distribute / string line children with beer to the Great Wall is not a true man,
no regrets! If you don't go to Xinjiang for a real roast,
you'll regret it! Anyway,
read the following content after just want to say a word: before the mutton string is free! Don't believe it? Don't be so sure,
look after you will agree with me ~ ~ authentic Roasted Mutton is a time-consuming work to do before grilling preparations are refining carbon.
Mixing carbon wood must be in the desert the growth of Populus wood for the best,
one is the wood of Populus euphratica is strong,
even fire and burn

Two, 16 years old, funny than girls do not read, but played a bucket pen, ha ha ha

of last week,
a girl from England didn't do her homework at home and suddenly wanted to try putting some pens on her head.
In the beginning,
she put 7 pieces and put on a pair of scissors! So however,
she also a funny than friend Rebzy said she could put 14.
We have feelings you want to fight with me? Look,
I can only put 21,
by taking a fucker! So this is over,
completely burning gunpowder.
At 26,
you a pool! You 30,
you little bitch! You dare to call the labor? Look,
my head can hold 38! Put up the middle finger by the way!! You 38 fucking? I can take 50! Go fuck.
Come on! I 70.
But can you still see it? We shall,
under the 100,
just like wearing a hat! So I added 30,
do you dare??!! So my 179 plus 3 ruler? Refuse to obey? So well,
the final outcome is her friend Rebzy fu

AFC Champions League, Su Ning group, out of Hong Kong, knockout, Tokyo, Champions League, Bayern, eliminated by Atletico

2-2 North was eliminated last year,
May 4th,
the 2016 season of the Asian Champions League continued to play in the sixth round of the group competition.
In the group E match of concern,
FC Tokyo's 2-1 defeat in Vietnam Pingyang,
Jiangsu Suning 2-2 away and Jeonbuk shook hands and eventually FC Tokyo with 3 wins 1 flat 2 negative 10 points ahead of Jiangsu Suning,
and in the north of modern with the situation because the overall record is not dominant finished second group.
16 strong wars,
FC Tokyo will be the first home and away,
respectively in May 17th and May 24th and in Shanghai on the Hong Kong team.
The same group another promotion place was all North Hyundai take away,
Jiangsu Suning ranking team third regret out! Shandong Luneng 0-0 and buriram United's goalless

Why do you like basketball and listen to their answers?

he above blue word basketball practical skills forum,
a key concern! Try to be the best basketball player,
Why do you like basketball? This video is just your voice?

Twenty-two years, legendary life cast the first person of ancient and modern

Garnett chose to continue playing this he has 21 years of fighting game,
the next season at the age of 40 he will usher in his twenty-second season.
He is on the pitch,
directed his teammates opponents head impact with chatter without stop,
a hammer,
a chest,
paranoid longing for victory,
High ball,
left and right shoulder shake,
turn over jump shot,
ball into.
21 years ago,
Garnett used the turnaround jumper in the long Lin alliance redefined the inside of the offensive way; 21 years later,
Garnett still use this turnaround jumper in three minutes if the rain let people aftertaste alliance CIC's graceful beauty.
black elbow,
trash talk,
true man.
Love him,
hate him,
love him real man,
hate him a dirty vulgar man.
Whether you

Sorry, I can't wait for you

night and give you a warm bedtime dish.
Have you been waiting for someone? Stare at the time in the mobile phone,
bit by bit,
because the growth of time,
the other side has not arrived,
and inner anxiety.
If you are getting closer to your date,
your inner troubles will get you out of your mind.
You think,
waiting for someone is really the world's most annoying thing,
and next time will not wait for anyone.
This is the feeling you are waiting for when you are dating a friend.
But did you wait for someone in love? Miss Z is the first girl in her circle to catch up with puppy love bus.
She has her first boyfriend in the middle school where everyone doesn't know what love is.
At that time,
because of family events,
miss Z overnight from a girl into the students and parents in the eyes of the

Do you have a new skill in taking photos and showing legs? Get?

e do not edit small adorable supermodel like guards long legs,
but the photo tip,
we can also show the long legs,
ultra practical small adorable ~ ~ quietly tell you: if you have a WeChat is the latest version,
you will have fun top university power oh!

Why do we all hate conceited people?

elf righteous people not only firmly believe that they are right,
but also like to let the whole world know they are right.
They need to make others feel small,
and totally incapable of comparison with them.
This need seems never to be satisfied.
It sounds especially cruel,
but this kind of person does exist around us.
Our friends,
and even ourselves,
all have self righteousness.
Because everyone wants to be right,
to religious beliefs,
to small habits,
everyone has a range of standards from native families.
These standards form our comfort zone,
which is different from our comfort zone,
unlike ours.
When we feel the comfort zone is the challenge,
we will have a variety of emotions,
anger or tired,
or compel us to raise a hue and cry allu

How many wonderful quotations do you know about China?

mother make you a blind date? Every year on the Chinese new year,
dating will become a hot topic,
as the saying goes,
blind date,
many wonderful,
these wonderful dating quotations,
how many have you heard? I'm pisces! This is not the erhu yesterday also went on a blind date and then click [write] message with click [read] erhu view view review

Tonight, the world's super bear market opens

millions of financial high net worth fans who do not pay attention to finance,
you will be abandoned by the world,
because you can hardly catch up with the speed of printing money at the rate of making money.
This is the original subscription number,
author Huang Sheng,
like investment network chairman,
graduated from Peking University,
six years of commercial banks,
with seven years of experience in PE investment,
China well-known investors,
currency experts,
money game behind the Diaoyu islands.
investment and other business cooperation with WeChat personal please: hs600036,
please explain why cooperation.
Start to take care of sina micro-blog,
over the past three years,
almost did not take care of micro-blog,
now return three years ago my micro-blog very fire,
every day i

The HAYA band, there's a prairie, farther than the distance

their music,
your body is like the earth,
the blood is like a river,
and the eyes are like the sky.
They follow from the voice of the soul between the tradition and the modern,
they caused widespread concern in the art world of unique ancient Mongolia folk dances,
long and modern interpretation of the original music.
HAYA expresses not only the understanding of modern Mongolia music,
but also the love of nature and the calling of the mind.
Tan Dun (Chinese composer and conductor) who is calling for the lost lamb left home away from the grassland where in I am a singer in the sky,
the flowers of different types of music.
The HAYA band is undoubtedly unique on this stage.
Used to listen to pop songs and artificial ears,
found that there was such a kind of music,
direct the s

A warm male brother is what kind of experience, let Sun Li Deng Chao's little sister to tell you

the top of the family can quickly pay attention to - Oh,
May 3rd,
floret sister ushered in the second birthday of life,
no doubt,
and on the hot search! Young had a birthday on the hot search,
may really envy ah ~ funny than Deng Chao's 35 year old birthday,
empress in a family of three in the photo in the micro-blog PO,
and announced the good news she was pregnant with second child for the first time,
we look forward to the new family model: 1+1=4.
This time the younger sister is still in the empress belly,
but as a domestic first-line big Sun Li,
Deng Chao's children,
destined to be too much attention.
In May 3rd of the same year,
little sister came to this world.
At 21:52 PM,
the Lady in micro-blog news: sister came.
Then everyone will know the nickname little sister,

The book rich chowhound but don't affluenza

energy supplement of modern diet must be satisfactory,
but it is easy to replenish energy and lead to rich disease! Obesity,
coronary heart disease and diabetes are major diseases that have been plaguing health.
This disease is also called the disease of wealthy people.
Look at the foods that keep you away from the rich disease and truly rich! 1,
eat more tomatoes can anti-aging in summer,
tomatoes as seasonal fruit under the aging is always very necessary,
can effectively prevent aging to eat more tomatoes,
this is because the tomato contains a strong antioxidant lycopene,
such as lycopene to prevent body aging is very helpful,
at the same time,
for heart disease and cancer,
when eating tomatoes,
is good resistance.
eat sweet potatoes can prevent cancer in sweet potato have eno

Liu Tao's lob head is so hot and hot. Can summer be cool and greasy?

n first edition of the most popular female male,
click the title below the blue word about her published five beauties in a drama of the Ode to joy popular,
as Andy Liu Tao not only offensive momentum tankful,
the appearance of the lob head assembly is always west of her,
is to let the heat from time to time and return to the lob hairstyle.
Peak flow.
We play with her hair and lob interpretation and understanding,
she plays outside can be deduced from this hairstyle sweet and handsome.
So for such a temperament change,
and can modify facial hair,
not only brought Liu Tao know how to pose,
domestic and foreign actress is Bianzhuohuayang fashion show.
We use it to face the goddess Gianna Jun modified face Mizuhara Kiko fashion supermodel Bianzhuohuayang used it to find Gao Yuanyuan Liu Shi

You say Necklace style thousands of millions, there is always one of your favorite

ng: what style of necklace will a boy wear? What are some good necklaces to recommend? The following is the text you always good friends! And by Wednesday you say  column.
The day before yesterday I took you usually will choose what kind of necklace brothers very enthusiastic response,
see a lap down and found that brothers choose necklace is different here to see what they have.
We @ Dexter style authentic Tibet Langya necklace the feeling is really full of fighting that silver carved value,
a look that is spent great efforts to do so and it is not able to.
Attack + 10! Defense + 3! The value of life 5! Ha ha ha ha @ Dexter so the next friend has real bullets is not a social body brother will let you three come @ Dexter I see is really Goro s DC slobber wow 'large leaves and the big w

After I saw the great hoax, I was silent

J00123987) - different news,
different stories,
millions of people subscribe to the WeChat tuba.
Click on the title under the blue word insight free attention,
we will provide you with valuable and interesting extended reading.
Content source: Lanzhou evening news (http://dwz.
the text from a comprehensive network,
many years ago,
a small town in the United States there was a bank robbery.
The robbers failed to get the money but were trapped in the bank by security guards.
He grabbed a five year old boy and asked the police to prepare  hundred thousand and a car,
or they would shoot people.
The negotiator Nelson arrived,
after unsuccessful negotiations,
he had to try to delay the time,
let On your marks.
Seeing the kidnappers will kill the sniper,
pull the trigger,
the bo

The public offering of the fund and the profit was also forced Meng ST audit that infront micro financial fraud 000670

nd report: chinafundnews [WeChat] to the poor,
a mechanism was kept in stock,
these two days there has been a stampede of madness.
China fund report of listed companies infront micro storage Ze (000670) although the annual earnings,
January 30th results of letters,
the 15 year profit 2100W,
to match the 9 billion of its market value,
you can see the 16Q1 of the top ten shareholders is the basic mechanism.
But in April 27th,
the audit agency issued a disclaimer of opinion non-standard,
then becomes the second *ST infront,
April 29th,
company before the announcement,
then in accordance with the existing rules,
the suspension,
ST with cap.
a lot of institutions being kept in stock,
these two days there has been crazy stampede.
Although the annual total annual season will inev

The most important thing for China to educate is not the children, but the parents, especially the father

J00123987) - different news,
different stories,
millions of people subscribe to the WeChat tuba.
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we will provide you with valuable and interesting extended reading.
Content source: Mom (http://dwz.
graphic from the network now Chinese,
what advocate in line with the developed countries in the world,
but most parents need education with the developed countries in the world are forgotten by us.
If young lovers in some developed countries want to get a marriage certificate,
they must attend the parents' school sponsored by the government and be trained to get a marriage certificate.
Chinese parents generally insist on a casual and relaxed state of mind: as long as they have a marriage certificate,
they can ha

The weather, the first commander of Warburg world cup basketball tournament began soon

Shanghai and information management industry circle of friends in many financial institutions and information management industry will usher in a stretch for more than a month of sports event -- from fortune SGAM fund held the first Warburg Cup basketball game on May 6th started the lead,
the curtain opened after a fierce battle after a total of 10 participating units in basketball,
the two basic weekly rhythm,
passion to mid June.
In June 17th,
the championship will be through the fierce battle to decide the winner this basketball tournament title,
brief and solemn awards will be a full of youthful vigor and friendship events draw a full stop.
It is reported that participate in the basketball athlete,
coach from the fortune SGAM fund,
the Shanghai stock exchange,
securities reg

Often stay up late, poor skin, these artifact can be first aid, stay up late muscle

oday is to save the night,
! Stay up all night! Stay up all night! Stay up all night! Often stay up late can cause your skin to be dark,
pore is bulky,
water shortage,
not to mention still can cause a series of body disease! No one is worth your stay up late.
Are you good at keeping up with all that money? 1 Freeplus amino acid cleansing stay up late again,
also cannot forget the face! This high price on amino acid cleansing,
cheap and durable,
suitable for students' Party ~ delicate and rich foam,
after washing clean and dry,
and very mild,
any skin can use ~ 2 all perfect delicate love of facial cleansing ~ decorte perfect delicate series of deep in my heart,
every single product are very hot,
almost no step on mine! Add five peptides and 21 kinds of top cosmetic ingredients,

Yi Xi smelt one thousand children become uremia after surgery into Harlem Yu Lee Min Ho Department of Putian has been out of hand to the entire entertainment

the photo is easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi that fraudulent liar set off a small storm in micro-blog.
The cause is a liar in the liberation of Hengyang along the roadside for help,
sharp eyed netizens spotted,
then sent to the internet.
Have to say,
the cheater's IQ is estimated to starve to death.
Usually the roadside begging from dawn to dusk doesn't have time to watch TV even,
how should choose a not so red.
Walk through the passing of so many friends,
can not recognize it is better,
if it was exposed on the spot? What about real love powder? I'm afraid it's not so easy to put on the internet! So,
come to see some entertainment news,
although it is illustrated,
but sad see tears,
but others have a gorgeous,
how could reduced to begging for survival.
easy to smelt on