Yoona bold open mate mate turned out to be him

SNSD starring Yoona Lu drama Wu God Zhao Zilong is China hit,
she participated in the day before the recording of happy camp,
happy camp yesterday (3 days) in the official micro-blog revealed that she is wearing the costume pictures,
beautiful like fairy.
And in the happy camp,
Yoona also for the first time on the program to disclose the ideal lover's standard: 1 is considerate warm man,
and 2 is to be as handsome as her father.
A remark,
in the circle of fans exploded,
the fans have responded: Yoona Oni,
although I am not a warm man but I am warm woman,
I will have you particularly good,
particularly thoughtful (shy face) so I think about how,
my ideal type of Lim Yoona and my spouse is Lim Yoona's lovely,
serious work,
strict in demands