Within two days of combat, the godfather Hot Blog will reappear in Zhongyang

ng in May 4th A A-share market showed a narrow range of shocks,
the motherboard gem were Chonggao down trend obviously,
can be said that today the main funds operation attitude is very cautious,
the afternoon had started to accelerate the aviation sector led the market touch on the 3000 area immediately after the step back down.
Many investors are again bearish on tomorrow's market as the market falls again.
But fathers do not think so,
first early today the main funding has shown its attitude,
although Zhongyang is now a strong upside yesterday but today morning did not appear to fight the inertia of rising prices,
this is not visible long in the waiting stage to the critical period broke through 3000 points and 20 line.
While the afternoon wave pulled up is obviously intended to indicate