VRAR hot behind what kind of project most favored by capital?

ing called the first year of VR/AR.
Tencent and other giants cut into the VR/AR.
Entrepreneurs have also invested in this so-called future trillion market areas.
There are hardware to do,
but also to do software,
providing content,
but also to provide a platform,
then VR/AR products and technology,
what are the differences? What are the mature VR/AR hardware in China at present? Hand travel,
film and television,
who will become the first beneficiaries of the commercialization of VR/AR road? What are the most difficult problems plaguing the development of the industry? Is it true that the recent crazy AR market share will be several times that of the VR market? VR hardware and content entrepreneurs,
who are most favored by investment? In May 6th