The national team opened the mysterious veil of the 3 trillion regiment actually buy those shares

with the A shares of listed companies a quarterly disclosure is completed,
a tough men's mysterious veil has been lifted,
it is called Chinese stock king,
is sitting on a net worth of  trillion and 320 billion,
less money can match.
As of June 30,
the Central Huijin holdings has China bank,
agricultural bank,
industrial and commercial bank,
China Everbright Bank,
Xinhua insurance 5 listed companies,
the same number and hold with the end of the year 2015,
thus eliminating the semi annual national team itself holds the stock market value of A,
the national team total holdings of A stock market value of about 800000000000 yuan.
No matter from the origin or capital reserves,
the gold certificate and Huijin Company are undoubtedly the king of the stock market.
the trend has