The most influential technology products top 50 released iPhone topped the tenth bright blind

eport] May 4th news,
according to foreign media reports,
the United States time electronic edition on Tuesday selected the most influential technology products 50,
Apple Corp's iPhone topped the list.
The article said that although smart phones have turned out for a long time,
since Apple Corp launched its first iPhone in 2007,
there has been no comparable rival products.
In addition to iPhone,
Apple Corp's Macintosh is in third place,
iPod is ninth,
iPad is twenty-fifth,
and iBook is thirty-eighth.
SONY player is the fourth player in the music device.
Among the top 50,
there are some products that give people youthful memories,
such as the sixth ranked Victrola phonograph and the fifteenth Nintendo NES game.
Nintendo is the highest ranked video game system,
and Nintendo's game