The dollar index collapsed sharply, when did the miserable days of the Bulls end?

the exchange rate market began to stir,
a rare 7 dollar index fell,
it is 08 years since the financial crisis,
the dollar index for the first time in this step to break down.
With the Fed continuing to postpone interest rate expectations,
this year,
the dollar began to continue to weaken,
the U.
dollar index has dropped from 100 last year's high to 92.
On Tuesday,
the dollar had fallen to its lowest level in January 2015,
and foreign currency experts and foreign exchange traders said the fall would continue as the current situation shows.
And last year,
experts who advocated the imminent collapse of the renminbi and the dollar's rise were nowhere to be found.
The days of the dollar bulls is not at the end of last week,
the Bank of Japan decided to maintain the monetary policy unchanged,