Straight PK goddess why this shoes let the two group fast tear force

Megan coil I say NONONO super open smoked! Summer came again,
and the short,
bare navel and small Suspenders of my sisters all turned out! And for footwear,
girls will also consider starting a pair of sandals.
don't wear socks! So call! Silk start on a treasure search for the latest model,
looking for purchasing help from countries.
Ah! I like not worn shoes! Everyone seems to start with,
want to wear big coffee with Vanlentino,
want to wear with bestie with the money,
and you want to wear this kind of consistent evaluation of shoes is good oh ~ ~ Xian about this kind of shoes is controversial pretty big come the goddess of good la please correct demonstration straight to shut up! Lady first ok! 1 #Lazy-up shoes# Lace-up shoes (shoes) design inspiration and ballet shoes,
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