She is 93, but dares to call herself a girl

len pictorial (ID:helenview) today's main name is Phyllis Sues,
born in April 4,
she is 93 years old,
she confidently claims to be a girl.
What kind of old man is this? A slim,
two always smile full of intense big eyes,
have the beauty of love fashion dress up Phyllis with young people,
so you must be very hard to believe that this is a 93 year old man! Just beyond the age of appearance,
body and mind of countless young people to shame,
her life experiences are enough to make all the amazing praise,
called the legend! 14 years old,
beginner ballet talent,
with the inherent tall stature and elegant temperament,
Phyllis for the first time ballet class attracted the attention of the teacher.
With a passion for ballet,
she trained hard,
this talent good dancers really del