Salad tastes pretty much, and sweetheart rock salad wants to make a difference with a transparent plastic pot

micro signal: wow36kr shake the action,
to allow consumers to enhance the sweetheart rock salad impression,
the formation of brand recognition in recent years off this wave of new wave of domestic consumption,
salad can be counted as one of the earliest affected category.
From the development situation,
including 36 krypton had introduced the lecherous pie salad,
thin salad,
most of the current Internet brand salad is still in the early stages of B round before the fight.
In my view,
the threshold of salad business is not high,
it is difficult to form a monopoly.
On the one hand,
salad making technology is difficult,
and the taste difference is not particularly obvious.
At the same time,
in the face of such a market,
consumers are very willing to try something new,
not strong to t