SAFER buffer wall was born, how it makes the track more safe Watch

rcuit is more than before,
a wall,
so with the people have been lifted out and now come out of their own difference,
then this wall is monkey sent to siege lion repair? When we Cemayangbian,
ready to track a big,
not technology for adrenal gland,
or is it bad luck driver,
danger is not far away.
In fact,
when the race was developed,
the track wasn't what we saw now.
Once you (accident),
basically rely on hide),
next to the cement wall of the track at that time,
the facilities are relatively complete,
but more is to put billboards or the whole fence next to.
This means that once the car is out of control,
drivers and spectators have resigned next to the audience.
Then what shall I do? Always have some walls to block,
so there's the cement and concrete walls behind.
These devices are calle