Papi ad standard sauce can be learned from Wang fuck what

ing ordered rectification,
heady Papi sauce is still in Luo Zhenyu's blessing,
the video advertisement in just a few minutes to take a price of 2 million,
a record high single video advertising history.
since April 23rd,
April 25th and May 2nd,
the rectification of the program has launched three Papi sauce,
like the number of points from 30 thousand and 1 to 10 thousand and 2,
although it still belongs to the Red Net super large,
but still be discerning the media and netizens questioned: just get up Papi sauce to get boring ugly? The industry for the explosion of Papi sauce,
has always been a calm attitude of the majority.
Many industry insiders believe that Papi sauce explosion red,
media and investment circles speculation far greater than the true reaction of users.
Red net li