Musk, next year I'm going to be in Batman's combat suit

ression of ordinary people,
the spacesuit is an extremely inconvenient garment.
Although it protects astronauts,
the clunky design limits their mobility.
If you want to wear it to do some fine work,
it is estimated that many people crazy.
Illustration from: NASA,
for this reason,
space researchers to carry out relevant research,
to explore how to simplify the problem of spacesuit.
NASA published a concept of the spacesuit Z-2,
the other with StarCraft in the Terran battle suit more similar,
near the body design suit can provide more space for the wearer.
Illustration: imgur,
Elon Musk musk puts forward a more radical idea: next year,
SpaceX will be able to develop a new spacesuit.
This spacesuit will be more tight than NASA's Z-2,
and shape like superhero or DC movie super