Microsoft black technology HoloLens configuration is not strong, but it is solving the biggest problem now

s black tech representative,
has begun to sell to developers.
What is the inner meaning of HoloLens that is full of sense of science and creativity? Hardware configuration geometry? Foreign media WindowsCentral has also got the HoloLens in kind,
and tested it with AID64 Mobile.
according to the results displayed,
WindowsCentral gives the detailed parameters of the HoloLens.
A HoloLens profile from Windows Central from these parameters,
in addition to custom HoloLens Graphics GPU/HPU,
Microsoft's ambition in the hardware configuration does not seem to be very advanced,
these different units are not uncommon.
The most interesting of these parameters might be the processor.
HoloLens processor belongs to the Intel Atom X5 series,
model X5-Z8100,
belongs to the Airmont family