Long hair girls are not stylish fashionista this summer are in the left of the three.

change new people,
called young words,
every time the weather turns hot,
big MT,
I will feel,
long hair of the girls are too,
chat! In the winter you can at least a little bigger and straightened hot roll wave public act,
can go to the summer,
IMHO well,
look at this hairstyle really feel so hot: a thick layer of riding,
really not hot BB? And it seems that only the ponytail,
horsetail and cauda equina seem to have only two forms of straight hair horsetail and curly hair horsetail If you start to feel like your hair is somewhat cumbersome in the summer,
but also killed people.
Don't cut short star (after all,
short hair is the test value of Yan Na),
it looks good,
this is not your Haircut abetting her long hair,
teach you to play out the flowers! I think this is the right now fac