Korean recommend 20, not because of the good love you, but really love you

k if you dare say that love me like you like me crazy for love in the end what do you think of why always so deep in my heart you say don't mourn for you but how could &lt mood and crazy for love; > he suffered through deception and betrayal of love,
such as humble a grain of sand,
he was the woman named Han Zaixi ruthlessly abandoned,
as revenge,
never expect your love will meet again.
She is above,
sitting on the envy of fame and money,
proud as a cloud,
for 29 years she has no idea what love is,
she has her way of life in her own world,
and she never expected herself to fall in love.
He's an asshole,
and she's not an angel.
But their love,
but it is nowhere in the world can find love.
He is a kind man,
Jiang Malu,
she is a lonely woman,
Xu Enqi.
The first appearance of En Qi,
gave gi