IPhone7 parts photo exposure, good cancel 35mm headphone jack?

eporting] May 4th news,
according to foreign media reports,
the French website Nowhereelse.
fr exposure of a group of allegedly iPhone 7 parts photos,
and it will be compared with iPhone 6s.
there have been a lot of rumors that iPhone 7 will be more slim,
the most effective approach to achieve thinner body is to cancel the 3.
5mm headset jack.
But from the exposure of the parts in the picture we can see clearly that in addition to the cellular antenna and lightning port,
the lower end of the left most clearly retains a separate white headset jack,
which indicates that the 3.
5mm headset hole still exists.
Some netizens said: look at the tail plug antenna,
you can determine that this is the 4.
7 inch version of iPhone 7,
and 5.
5 inches is the same,
it is not clear.