How long can Peking Opera last if Mei Baojiu leaves?

people go to the end of April 25,
the famous Peking opera performing artist,
the son of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang,
the head of Peking Opera Art Group Mr.
Mei Baojiu died in Beijing at the age of 82.
Yesterday morning,
Mei Baojiu's farewell ceremony was held at the funeral home in Beijing,
Father and son guru,
two generation legend,
the man is not in the The tune lingered in the room.
Pear blossom,
spring with rain,
pear flower fall,
spring into the mud,
this life only for one person to go.
This is the Peking Opera Tang concubines in the lyrics,
Mei Baojiu seems to sing life: life drama,
art life.
Mei Baojiu is the youngest son of Mei Lanfang,
is the only inherit the mantle,
at the age of 10,
he began studying opera,
life in 72 years of dedicat