How important is it to talk?

ant is it to talk? Wen / mu,
/MU (mushiwusuo) M,
called several of us to her house.
The nest is in her living room,
watching cats and mice.
We retained from the university tradition,
from time to time to recall,
then laughing with utterly routed.
This time,
laughing and laughing,
I found M sobbing in the air.
M broke up with her boyfriend.
They fell in love with high school for three years,
after a year of long-distance love,
and then survived the seven years of exotic love.
At last they finished their studies and went back to their hometown.
When everyone thinks their love marathon is going to be a perfect stop,
they give it a terminator.
M said before the time to meet a long-distance relationship,
are few,
and each time is for full joy after being apart a long time,
many problems are obs