Have you ever taken a picture that you won't forget?

the southern daily,
South + client jointly launched the Guangdong Provincial Department of transportation,
Trinidad found beauty blink of an eye - Guangdong high-speed photography contest,
the society collected in Guangdong high-speed road as the theme of photography.
more than half of the schedule,
we collected a lot of friends sent to the works.
Does the scenery on the road arouse your inner impulse? Now you have the opportunity to set off with the South + to shoot the most beautiful highway in Guangdong! Let's see the events below! Maybe in the morning to see the coastline along the Guangzhou Shenzhen has not wake up; perhaps in Baomao speed through a litchi forest,
the wind blows the leaves as Teana; Road (Ping Xing high-speed Pingyuan county is the first high-speed,