Girl, should you be so tired?

/ Purple cold source / have a pub (yougejiuguan) the authorization issued a very many times with her mother on the phone is in overtime,
my mother always distressed to say to me,
you are just a girl,
we only want to live simply and happily for you,
so don't be tired.
And colleagues talk about future life planning,
colleagues said,
obviously you can rely on Yan value meal,
partial to rely on talent to eat,
see you every day with black eye,
so tired,
what do you do? Later,
marry a good husband who can support you.
Dinner with several days did not see friends,
because the table consulted several work problems,
to friends ridicule,
are you a workaholic,
his whole day so tired,
a little mood are not,
so it is not a virgin friends.
My girlfriend said to me,
no man likes a stronge