Find a reliable person

iable Humanities: fog filled River (01) message,
a friend asked: how to know whether a person fly? This,
to see whether a person is reliable,
first see what you want to do.
Making friends? Love? Work together to create a career? These things,
the most extensive range of friends,
friends can fly,
you can not fly,
each has its own fun.
Love or marriage is troublesome.
Young people have different values and different sexual orientation.
You don't like them,
but they're having fun -- marriage is like shoes,
and only toes know.
But in any case a choice can always rely on the spectrum.
- and join hands in the cause,
the more reliable.
Note that this is a joint venture,
not a colleague.
Colleagues can be capricious.
But to do business,
really can not be taken lightly.
Simply put,