12 constellation female said no longer ignore your true meaning, boys, you understand?

nd girls,
that he really did not want to ignore her,
but the girl said that she ignored the boy,
waiting for him to ignore her,
say some girls don't want to talk to you,
and not really hate you,
but very care about you,
look at the twelve constellation female doesn't want to say what is your meaning? The Aries woman: you get out the Aries woman said don't want to talk to you,
you are the best in the first seconds away,
don't let her get up,
she said do not want to ignore you and not what meaning,
so don't expect one of you says he didn't want to leave your Aries woman,
duplicity when the girl in your side.
Taurus woman: give me a quiet time.
She said don't want to talk to you,
hope to have time to calm myself,
good for your relationship to collate.
give her a little time to calm down a