11 in the morning 1 a.m. bad boy mentor WeChat aired / date

oo many helpless,
love me,
I do not love,
I love people do not love me! If you want to be with a girl you like earlier,
why don't you listen to the bad boys and mentors analyze how to attract girls?.
The bad boy's current mentor has been fully upgraded,
super powerful! Tomorrow course 11 -12: fruit of love live instructor: Fruit 12 point -13: but love live instructor: ran 13 -14: my love live my tutor: 14 -15: Megumi love live Supervisor: Huimei 15 -16: elegant love live instructor: elegant 16 point -17: can love can live instructors: 17 -18: Sydney Sydney Supervisor: love live 18 -19 love live: Anya Supervisor: Anya 19 -20: King Magnus love live Tutor: Wang Nai 20 -21: Jiekaorui love live tutor Jiekaorui: 21 -22: Yajie love live Supervisor: Yajie 22 -23: fruit of love live instructors: 23